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A celebration is to appreciate what you have overcome - and what is yet to come.


     This dress takes inspiration from early 20th century French [interpretation of the Italian] theater. The shape of the dress is inspired by the stage curtains mixed with boudoir romanticism of the era.

inspo board.jpg

     I designed the embroidery with my allegorical narrative of celebration with the heart that is being elevated whist being shot at by the cherubs on the backdrop of a moon, the sun, stars and celebratory streamers and balloons.

The embroidery is done in several techniques mimicking crewel work embroidery; a technique used historically most frequently for storytelling through thread work; as it is very intuitive and prefers a personal touch as opposed to mechanical precision. In this dress I have used: glass seed beads, bugle beads, non-twisted flat silk thread, silver and gold thread, muslin appliqué, glass orbs filled with loose glitter wrapped in tulle to make the “balloon rosettes”, and translucent sequins.

IMG_1550-Recovered copy.jpg

Photography by Charlene Kahn

Model Zoe Ko

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