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Don’t be afraid of asking

Do you only work with fashion and apparel?

While my expertise in embroidery is mainly within the fashion industry, I'm excited to work on any project that has to do with surface design, and love a good challenge. If there’re any special requests you would like to collaborate on, please feel free to send me a message with any inquiry you might have, and we can schedule a chat to understand what your needs are.

What is your education background?

I graduated top of my class in 2016 from Shenkar College for Design and Engineering with a BA in Fashion Design, but I always hung out in the textile department and incorporated embellishment in every project I worked on. When I graduated, I made sure that every position I took led me towards embroidery design and, being a history nerd, I spend hours researching different techniques from different eras and practicing in my free time. I also try to further my education whenever possible because you can never know enough about embroidery.

How do we communicate?

Embroidery is a time consuming process and establishing a realistic timeline is a vital part of achieving the best results.

Agreeing upon a preferred method of communication so I can give you periodic updates and to get your feedback will streamline the process and will help us avoid any hiccups and last minute rushes.

Pricing & Payment

Shortly after our initial consultation, I will send you a price proposal. For first time clients, I require a down payment of half of the agreed upon amount; and for the other half to be billed once the artwork is finished.

Of course, the more we work together, the more flexibility there will be on this matter.


What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept bank transfers and credit card for payment. Please note that credit/debit card invoices have an additional 3% transaction fee.

Do you do machine embroidery digitization?

I do not digitize embroidery for DST, as I primarily design for hand embroidered projects; or work with vendors that will digitize the artworks as an included service. I could assist in connecting you to an embroidery digitizer if you would like to though, as an additional service.

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