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My love for embellishment began with embroidering a tiny bear on a tee-shirt at the age 13. The bear was upside down, because I was still wearing the shirt, but the seed was sown. My love for fashion and adding sparkle to everything extended into my career as an embroidery designer; first in evening wear in New York, later finding my place in ready-to-wear fashion at Free People where I began designing patchwork novelty jackets that were featured in Super Bowl commercials and worn by influencers around the world; also collaborating on embellishment projects with the likes of Zandra Rhodes and Anna Sui. With years of experimentation, I developed a distinct ability to layer multiple embroidery techniques by being inspired by history, wearability, and fun. I currently live in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

As a true believer in craft, I believe that embellishment and customization is the ultimate gift of love you can bestow on an object.

Personalized and precious projects are available upon request, send me an email and I would love to get in touch 

Let's create together

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Freelance Embroidery designer for businesses

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Customise Everything


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